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Bruce Breslaw

Our Story

ChickenFuel emerged from a dream Bruce Breslaw often spoke about with his family. His idea was to bottle chicken manure for sale from their family chicken farm, a 24.5 acre farm, family-owned and operated since 1980 in Creswell, Oregon. Originally calling it Country Smells, the name of the composted manure took on humorous revisions, later potentially being named Bruce's Poop from the Coop.

The family sold chicken manure compost by the truckloads to local farms, with people coming back year after year to get more. Breslaw aimed to make it available to more farmers and gardeners. Local farms raved about their success stories; growing giant pumpkins, using it in the hayfields, organic gardening of blueberries and alfalfa, and adding it in their personal gardens.

As Breslaw was exploring packaging options; bottles or bags, his life was sadly cut short from cancer in 2008. His family continued operations at the family chicken farm, and kept his idea alive in their hearts and minds. The farm continues to get calls from those who filled up their trucks with chicken manure, even after five years of hiatus from public selling.

Breslaw's sons formed a team and DankoDirt was established in 2014. Then the work began; perfecting the compost for packaging, acquiring equipment for operations, building a business plan, creating an ecommerce site, and licensing and testing of the product. After six labor-intensive months on the farm and in the office, ChickenFuel launched in the Spring of 2015 bringing Breslaw's dream alive.

About ChickenFuel

ChickenFuel consists solely of composted chicken manure and fir sawdust. The fir sawdust comes locally from Seneca Sawmill and is the chicken bedding at the chicken farm. The bedding and manure is turned within cycles at the barn and removed once the barn needs to be cleaned out. Once removed, the chicken litter is transferred to DankoDirt.

This is when the composting process truly begins. DankoDirt's composting process has been hand-perfected, ensuring that the garden compost is cooled and hardened properly to benefit plants. The chicken litter is kept heated at about 130-150 degrees fahrenheit by continuously turning the piles in an open air pole barn. This 6000 square foot manure barn is an official waste storage facility, funded by an Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) loan through the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

The Farm

Monitoring the temperature and moisture level in the compost piles is important. Once the chicken litter has been properly composted, the compost piles are then screened for refinement. After screening the piles are moved into the DankoDirt production barn, where they are cured. After proper curing, the chicken manure compost is moved from the curing piles to packaging. ChickenFuel compost is bagged in three pound bags, sealed and stored. From here, ChickenFuel is ready to be shipped directly to your home.

ChickenFuel is available for purchase online anywhere within the United States for a flat fee of $14.99, including shipping.

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ChickenFuel Promise:

Every bag of ChickenFuel is composted in Oregon by hand, following the best practices to ensure the highest quality and consistency in our product, from the farm to you.