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ChickenFuel Facts: Why Chicken Manure


• Chicken manure is high and equally balanced in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which is why it is the best kind of manure to use.

• Composted chicken manure adds organic matter to the soil, increasing its ability to hold water.

• Chicken manure is an excellent activator for compost piles when it is mixed with other compost materials.

Soil Benefits

• Chicken manure is naturally rich in the nutrients that plants need in order to establish strong root systems and produce foliage and fruit.

• Chicken Compost releases nutrients for up to 12 months from the time its added to your plants to insure your soil is constantly being replenished with the nutrients your plants need.

• Chicken manure contains the bacteria used in the poultry's digestive process, which works to break down organic matter. The composting process and bacteria make the nutrients soluble, which means that the plants can more readily absorb the nutrients from the soil.

• Chickens, being vegetarians, will produce pure manure that is free of the diseases and parasites found in the manure of some meat-eating animals.

No Chemicals

• Chicken manure contains less salt and is free of the weed seeds that can appear in the waste of other animals.

• Because chicken manure is organic, you don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals entering the ground near your plants if you are an organic gardener.

• Chicken manure can be stored for a long period of time before it starts to lose its nutrients.

Manure Comparisons

Chicken Manure 1.1
An excellent quick release source of nitrogen. Chicken manure releases up to 75% of its nitrogen in the soil in the first year, compared to 33% for most other manures.
Steer Manure 0.7
Cheap and readily available source of organic nitrogen. Can contain excess salt.
Dairy Cow Manure 0.25
Less NPK than steer manure, but also less salt. You can apply more dairy cow manure, so it is good for increasing soil organic matter (SOM).
Horse Manure 0.7
High in nitrogen. May contain weed seeds or pharmaceutical vermincides. Composting eliminates these issues.
Pig Manure 0.8
Good balanced source of NPK. Some pig parasites and pathogens can infect humans, so pig manure is not allowed in many organic protocols. It must be hot-composted prior to use.
Sheep Manure 0.7
Good manure source for nitrogen and phosphorus with some potassium. Superior to cow manure.
Rabbit Manure 2.4
Richest in nitrogen of all manure sources. Must be composted.

DankoDirt Facts:

DankoDirt Facts

• DankoDirt is locally grown out of Creswell, OR.

• ChickenFuel is composted by hand with lots of love.

• Quality is key; we work to provide the highest quality composted chicken manure available. It is hand composted with the best practices, not cut with any other materials and screened to be the most refined chicken manure you will find.